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Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


Glimpse from the AMV Interfaith Iftar 2010 - I

To share the Joy of Ramada with fellow Americans, the American Muslim  Voice held an interfaith iftar in Palo Alto, CA, on August 20, 2010.  More than 60 people representing various ethnic and religious groups  attended the event aimed at building personal relationships by breaking  bread together.

Iftar09 7-20-2010 Iftar02 7-20-2010
Iftar04 7-20-2010 Iftar03 7-20-2010
Iftar10 7-20-2010 Iftar14 7-20-2010
Iftar13 7-20-2010 Iftar12 7-20-2010

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